Monday, April 21, 2008

Partnership with I Remember When

Wow am I excited to finally announce this.

I Remember When has officially joined the Scrapping 4 Inclusion program as a National Partner to benefit The Bubel/Aiken Foundation (TBAF).

Interested IRW instructors will work with Scrapping 4 Inclusion to promote the program and offer fundraising crops in their own communities. Instructors will benefit by having guidance and support from IRW as well as from the entire Scrapping 4 Inclusion team. In turn the Scrapping 4 Inclusion initiative will grow across the country. Both partners will benefit from this collaboration but most importantly, working together will help bring inclusive programs to more children.

IRW is a direct-sales company that provides the personal attention of a home-based business with the variety and versatility of brand-name scrapbooking products. Offering the latest products and techniques, IRW gives crafters the opportunity to express their own creativity in a fun and educational atmosphere.

“IRW is thrilled and honored to announce this partnership with Scrapping 4 Inclusion. We envision a relationship where our instructors can share their passion and knowledge and support while building relationships and awareness throughout their communities. We believe in this program and in the generosity of spirit that our IRW instructors share. We look forward to a wonderful partnership!” Beth Kingston, Instructor Programs Manager, I Remember When.

I am so thrilled and excited about where Scrapping 4 Inclusion is headed and this partnership is a fantastic way to move forward.

I had a conference call just last week with some of the IRW Instructors and they were very excited about this collaboration and they were eager to get going. This just makes me more eager to get going too.

If you haven't heard of IRW before, go check out their site

Well I'm off to finish the web site overhaul that I started this past weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Event Locations

The following is a list of locations where events are being planned. I'm posting it in a blog post so that I can hopefully link to it in the margin as I'm truly hoping this listing will be getting bigger really soon.

This listing will be updated regularly.

Tucson, Arizona
San Francisco, California
Castle Rock, Colorado
Orlando, Florida
Sebring, Florida
Atlanta, Georgia
Indianapolis, Indiana
Des Moines, Iowa
Worcester, Massachusetts
Detroit, Michigan
Beaufort, Missouri
St. Louis, Missouri
Columbia, Missouri
Las Vegas , Nevada
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Gloversville, New York
Greensboro, North Carolina
Wilson, North Carolina
Cincinnati, Ohio
Pendleton, Oregon
Erie, Pennsylvania
Pendleton, Oregon
Erie, Pennsylvania
Columbia, South Carolina
Dallas, Texas
Waco , Texas
Northern Virginia
Lovetsville, Virginia
Mount Vernon, Washington
Seattle, Washington
Appleton, Wisconsin
Casper, Wyoming

Friday, April 11, 2008

Some Great Publicity!

We are getting some great publicity from The Professional Scrapbook Retailers Organization® (PSRO™) and this is very exciting. This opens up so many additional opportunities to get the word out about Scrapping 4 Inclusion as well as Let’s ALL Scrapbook.

We will be working closely with PSRO over the next little while to help reach the Scrapbook Retailers out there and get them engaged in our program.

The Professional Scrapbook Retailers Organization® (PSRO™) is a nonprofit international trade association that bridges together scrapbook retailers and suppliers. A member association of PMA®, The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations, PSRO supports its members through the focus on efficient operations, profitable retail strategies and ongoing professional development – with educational programs, business services, publications, industry research, networks and trade shows. Visit

The PSRO has a monthly newsletter and members can read the archives of newsletters HERE.

The April PSRO News Clips Bulletin Board mentions the Let’s ALL Scrapbook program. You can read it HERE.

This is a link for the PSRO News Clips archives, the link for the newsletter archives is

Then today another mention of the Let’s ALL Scrapbook program was published in the PMA daily Newsline International. PSRO members can read that one HERE. (the link takes you only to that day's news, but members can access archives. Let's ALL Scrapbook was mentioned 4/11/08)

This is a wonderful breakthrough for Scrapping 4 Inclusion to gain more recognition in today’s marketplace. This will hopefully help the initiative grow and gain some more momentum.

Look for some more really really exciting news next week on another development to help us grow and become a household name in the scrapbooking community.

On a personal note, my youngest daughter turned 10 this week. Double digits just make me feel old sometimes. That just came up way too quickly for me.

Have a great day everyone and Happy Scrappin!



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