Thursday, October 16, 2008

moma says

My mom is funny. I adore her though.
She didn't much care for last weeks layout, it was too blah. So here is my redo. I do have to say I LOVE the pumpkin patch. Masking is a great way to make a realistic scene. And it came in handy when I wanted to sponge color around the pumpkins. Most of my scrappers sponged green on the bottom of the pumpkins, and I encouraged them to use a blend of gray and black, the blue was just out of place. These pumpkins were perfect for masking, easy to cut out.
Just stamp the pumpkin on a post it note, then cut it out, I did several layers of each so I could mask several at a time. Then stamp your focal object. Cover it with the post it version and stamp again, PERFECTO!
have a great weekend, I am off to PTA duties!

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