Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday already!

Where on earth does the time go.
I can't believe it's Friday and I think I only managed to blog once so far this week. I really must get better at this. I guess it's not a big deal right now because I think I'm still pretty much talking to myself :)
These past couple of weeks have been very busy for me. I decided since I didn't have enough on my plate that I should also start a business. Wow, why do I do this to myself. I think it's cause I really believe in this product and it will sell itself (for the most part) and it's just something that happened. One thing I have learned in the last couple of years is that these things happen and sometimes instead of ignorning them we really must take a good look and take a chance. There is a reason this kinda happened when it did.
Actually I had hoped to find a way to make an extra $5,000 per year so that I could travel to at least a couple of Scrapping 4 Inclusion events every year. This little business I think will do that for me and potentially alot more. I'm looking forward to having the flexibility to really get out there in the field and attend a couple of events every year. I'm excited!
We have a new organizer on board that found us through someone else's blog. That's very exciting. I just love to find out how people are finding us and to see that the internet really can help spread the word. I'm sure that when that blogger put up my link they never really thought that it might lead to a new event. One simple thing really can make a difference. Just like one person can make a difference.
Hopefully soon my blog posts will be a little more informative. Right now we are just really getting started for 2008 so look for many more exciting things for the future.
Have a great weekend and Happy Scrappin! (tonight is scrap night with my neighbour - wooo hoooo).

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