Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ahhhhh February or should I say Brrrrrr February!

I'm slightly in shock right now as I just can't believe it's February already.


This month will mark the 2 year anniversary of my Mom's passing and these last 2 years have just flown by. Really makes you wonder sometimes if you are really making good use of your time here on earth. I'd like to think that I am, but still time goes so fast and I don't feel that I get enough done on any given day. I guess when I look at the big picture it looks better. That's what I'll do….. just look at the Big Picture and not worry about what I didn't get done today.


Now having said that, I've been meaning to blog and just haven't gotten around to it so today is the day to get that blog done. I really need to do this more often. The unfortunately thing is that there isn't that much to report on a regular basis but I'll do my best.


Today though I am very EXCITED!


I want to announce our very first PLATINUM SPONSOR for Scrapping 4 Inclusion.


Simply Cardstock - monthly cardstock kit club. They are donating a prize to 50 of our events and also offering a discount coupon to every single scrapbooker that attends our events this year. How exciting is that! Vicki's brother has CP and her parents had to struggle for everything for him so Vicki clearly see's the value in assisting our communities to become more 'INCLUSIVE' for all children.


Thank You Vicki and Simply Cardstock for being our first Platinum Sponsor. Please visit their website for information on their monthly kits. www.SimplyCardstock.com


I have three other sponsors from the Digital Scrapbooking world and I'll announce those tomorrow. I'm glad to have some digital sites on board as there are many scrapbooker who do both digital and paper scrapbooking so it's nice to have everyone included together. I know that I personally am looking forward to my dive into the digital world. That's coming up here really quickly as I just finished the photos for my daughter that weren't on digital. Everything else is now digital so I'll be doing a combination of both types of scrapbooking from now on and it's exciting.


Hope everyone stays warm. Happy Scrappin!


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