Thursday, September 4, 2008

fast scrap

It seems I am always looking for fast ways to scrap. I want everything done quickly, maybe that is why I tend to overload myself. Who knows, but this is a neat idea I got at Stampin' Up! regionals a few years ago. I couldn't wait to get home and try it! It is simple, fast, and fun. A customer of mine makes one for each month for her daughter to put highlights of her child in. How great is that? I wish I had thought of that when my two boys were growing so fast and learning so many new things. The presenter at convention used her to mark things that were important to her each year. There are many many applications, and ways to alter it.
Take a file folder, cover with designer papers, for the pages they will all be the same width, but each page will be an inch longer, making the cascade. Attach with clips from an office supply, add ribbon and embellishments and viola... mini scrap book.

When I had to make this after regionals, I used my favorite paper, brown and pink, so then I didn't really want to put my boys in it. so I made a book about all the trips I have taken with my dear friend to see clay concerts, we have been all over. So it serves as a travel log as well. As you can see, I need to finish it.

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