Tuesday, September 16, 2008

holiday goodies are coming!!!!!

Am I the only one who gets super excited this time of year...when all of the Halloween/Christmas products start coming out? And yes - I am one of those people who buys all of the Halloween stuff I can get my hands on even though:

A - we don't have kids

B - my husband won't let me dress up the dogs...anymore

C - I don't think the neighbors would appreciate some strange lady down the street (me) taking pictures of their children :)

Anyhoo - wanted to send some links to the latest and greatest that are on the way to IRW and/or your local scrapbook stores...happy shopping everybody!!

http://www.mylyb.com/frightful - Little Yellow Bicycle Frightful

http://www.mylyb.com/sharon_ann_christmas - Little Yellow Bicycle Sharon Ann Christmas Magic


Raike said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Taylor's Mommy said...

Too cute!!

OK...is this a hint of what's to come? ;)

ddinak said...

Look at the BUBS!!!!!!! I mmmiiiiissssss him! I actually miss the slobber that results (usually on my boobs or butt) from being loved by the BUBS!!!! And Lima sticking her head between my legs! (okay, that may just be wrong)
You know you and your halo are always welcome at the Kenna house! I need a candy hander outer again this year since Ed will be gone to Germany! HELP! Fly your self up and you know you can buy my kid's candy too!


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