Saturday, September 6, 2008

Same supplies: different look

I am a lover of sketches. Usually my creations don't end up exactly like the sketches but they are a great jumping off point". When I first became a Close to My Heart consultant I had already used and loved their products for several years but did not own any of the sketch books yet. Right off the bat I had customers asking me why you would want to pay for a book of sketches when you would only use each sketch once. (They had a fear that all their pages would start looking the same.) So I set out to show them how easy it is to change a sketch up just by changing colors and a few small elements. Both of these layouts were done using the exact same sketch and stamp sets. I changed the color scheme, the angle of a couple of photo mats and few other small elements. When I display these pages by the open sketch book I sell the book like crazy :-)



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