Thursday, July 31, 2008

another punched flower

This flower I found at splitcoast when I searched for punched flowers. It is made using a tag punch! I love it as well. People are so creative and fun!

It is funny, I pretty much had the same blog for today as I did last week. Do you ever have those weeks? Wow! I am sorry.

I have edited this post, and will share something else today. Then I will start planning for next week! ;)

This is an example of the difference between classic ink and craft ink. Classic ink dries fast, and works well for most projects. It does direct to paper prettier than craft when you are inking your edges. It is water based and is absorbed by the paper. Craft ink is thinker, takes longer to dry, and can be embossed. It is a pigment ink and dries on top of the paper. When using dark card stock, it shows up much more vibrant. They both have their place and purpose.
The one on the left is classic and the one on the right is craft.

1 comment:

Laurie said...

That flower is beautiful. It wasn't simply punched out, it couldn't have been with the border and everything.

Do you have any detailed instructions on how it was made. I love it.

Oh and the ink lesson is a good one as I would not have known that.



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