Thursday, July 3, 2008

put your talent to work for you

We all have those people in our lives that we would do anything for, buy them anything they wanted, they just don't want anything. Then we are stuck trying to figure out a gift. I hate that. I have a BIG theory about why we give the gifts we do, but that is for another day. I have found that even the cheesiest home made gift, is the most appreciated, loved, and cherished. So, I try to make something for all my loved ones, even if it is to go with a bought gift. And once I make a certain item, I find that others ask for it at their gift times.
There is this fabulous website, STAMP ON THIS, she has all kinds of items you can make into gifts, or useful items for yourself. She is a great resource, with excellent customer service and prices. One day I asked her to start selling some items I couldn't find anymore, and she did of course, but also had these neat mouse pads. They have really been a hit. You just make your little scrap page, and then there is a slit in the side where you slide it in. It is wonderful! This is what I made my husband for father's day one year. To him, the best gifts can't be bought, and his boys are definitely at the top of his list as his best gifts to date! My niece had spent 6 months or so in New Zealand after graduating from college, doing a study program, so I used some pictures she had posted on her travel blog to make her one. What a neat way to keep those memories close. I have a brother that loves pictures of his extended family bc he has never married and doesn't get to see much of the rest of us, so I made him one with all the kids in the family. You can embellish it as much or as little as the person you are giving it to would like. That is the best part, you can tailor design it to your recipient. Their colors, and what is special to them.
So, I issue this challenge, next gift giving opportunity, put your talents to work, you can make a scrap page for a friend, one of the mini books for them to put pictures in for a baby shower, make thank you notes for a wedding shower. The sky is the limit. And nothing feels better than someone telling you how much it means to them that you made them something so special! everyone wins!
Hope you all have a great Independence Day celebration! Take lots of pictures, nothing like watermelon, fireworks, and swimming scrap pages!!!

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