Tuesday, July 15, 2008

why I love this industry

I spend most of my time behind a desk. Granted - because I telecommute I am in my PJs ;) but I am a desk-bound worker bee most of the time. When I tell people what I do for a living I always get the "you must get to craft ALL DAY LONG" response - but the sad truth is that I spend much more time planning, budgeting, and analyzing craftiness than I do actually DOING it or being among people who LOVE it like I do.

But not last weekend!! Last weekend I spent in lovely Duluth, GA - where I had my own IRW booth at the Scrapbook Expo. And what a weekend it was!! The other girl who was going to work the booth with me had to change her plans - so I called my Mom (she lives in Virginia) about 10 days ago and asked her if she was free for the weekend. She was - and dropped everything to fly down to Atlanta to help me out - and we had a WONDERFUL time. Since Don and I have been so far away for the past few years, Mom and I haven't had much chance to just spend some girl time together - so this was our opportunity to do just that. Mom manned the make-n-take table while I manned the cash register - and she was the star of the booth! All of the customers loved her and I think she really got a kick out of teaching...and she said she'd be happy to do it with me next year - so I take that as a good sign! :)

The second best thing about the weekend (hanging out with my mom being the first) was that it reminded me of why I am in this business:

I love that scrapbooking brings people of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, and beliefs together.

I love that the people we met included mothers and their adult daughters having some girl time (like us), old friends who drove in from around the south for a getaway weekend, sisters, young moms with their kids in strollers, husbands and wives, women who have been scrapping for 20 years and those who are newbies to the craft.

I love that two strangers can sit down at a Make-n-Take table and start chatting away like old friends.

I love that people still get excited when they find that perfect paper to match their vacation photos or their child's first communion.

I love seeing the joy on someone's face when they master a technique they never tried before, or create a project that they are proud of.

I love that even in this economy people still recognize the importance of preserving their memories and come out to support those who make their living in this business.

So thanks Mom - for rescuing me yet again and giving us the chance to spend a great weekend together. And thanks too to my fellow crafters for reminding me - even when I'm knee deep in budget reports or marketing plans - why I love this industry so much. See you soon!
IRW IS ON THE RADIO...sort of!
Last weekend I also had an AWESOME opportunity to be a guest on the Terri O Show on Craft Radio Network. It was such a treat!! If you'd like to check it out - go to:

click on the red box that says shows

scroll down to the Terri O show and click on segment #4 - Party Like a Craft Star!
Have a great week everybody!! Stay tuned next week for my report on Summer CHA!! WOO HOO!!!

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ddinak said...

hi Beth, Please post a photo of Kinkle Puss next week.
Delanie K

PS my mom said hello!


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