Friday, July 11, 2008

Spending time with Mickey !

That’s right folks, I just spent a couple of weeks in Disney World with my family. A much needed holiday but unfortunately we didn’t really have any down time or relax time during this holiday. It was quite busy and fun filled but that’s perfectly OK with me. I took over 1700 photos on this trip. YIKES!

Here is a picture of the family in front of Walt & Mickey.

I am very glad to have such wonderful people blogging here. I bet I wasn’t even missed at all with everything the others have been sharing. You guys really are great!

I had the chance while in Florida to meet up with Shirley. She’s great! Loved meeting her in person. Nope, no photo of us together as we didn’t think of it until afterwards….. I know, I know, that was really bad of us. Well I’ll just have to make another trip down there sometime. Next time though I’ll go in a winter month as June/July was smoking hot there.

Anyways, on to other things. Diane Bubel and I have been chatting about the blog and how to incorporate someone who can speak about inclusion and the advantages of including children as well as the challenges faced by those raising children with disabilities. I think if we had that little piece it would add some value to this blog and it will help to empower those reading it to get involved. It will really bring home the message as to why we are all involved with Scrapping 4 Inclusion. Diane has spoken with a lady who’s son is disabled and in a wheelchair and she was very interested in participating with us. The thing is that I haven’t been able to reach her yet to get the ball rolling. I am working on it and hopefully that piece will start soon.

On the networking front, I recently took the plunge into Facebook in order to build up a group over there so that we have a network of others to help us spread the word. Facebook is huge and can be overwhelming but I’m managing so far. I have asked assistance from other group owners and this seems to be working so far. At last check we had over 240 members in our group. My first goal is to build to 1,000 members. Once there I’ll set a larger goal but for now I think this is attainable.

My plan, if you want to call it that, is to post on various locations (Facebook included) a few times per week. The things I plan to share are

1. Our upcoming events

2. Our volunteer needs (any organizer who is looking for additional help)

3. A summary of this blog to let everyone know what they are missing.

4. Scrapbooking technique videos (I’m working on a specific source for these which should be great if it works out).

5. Inclusion videos showcasing how great inclusion is for children.

I have a few places that I plan to network on and the ultimate goal is to get the name Scrapping 4 Inclusion out there to as many people as possible. This will in turn create the interest and word of mouth advertising that will bring in more attendees at events and eventually additional organizers. The bigger benefit is that we will be able to raise more awareness for the Foundation and more funds so that more children can participate in inclusive activities.

So that’s my update for now and a brief outline of where I’m headed. I’m sure there are a gazillion other things I could be doing but somehow they just haven’t hit me yet.

You know, I loved being on holidays but for some silly reason I missed working on this project. It takes up so much of my time but I get such enjoyment out of all the little successes along the way that when I wasn’t doing anything with it I felt like a piece of me was missing. I am very glad to be back at it and working on building.

For everyone who reads this blog, get out there and join our Facebook group and if you aren’t on Facebook then let all your friends know about it and have them join. The more the merrier.

Scrapping 4 Inclusion Facebook Group

Tonight is scrapping night but my friend Jean is now in PEI for the summer so I’ll be scrapping with another friend Kathleen over the summer. Kathleen always wants to scrap but it just never gets to the top of the list. She wants to make a couple of projects for Christmas and since I don't have my normal weekly scrapping partner this is a great way to get her going. I’m looking forward to getting 2003 finished (should be tonight). I’m sorry but I’m a chronological scrapper and I can’t change that. I absolutely have to go in order. At least I’ve been getting some digital scrapping done at work when I’m not busy so 2004 is already finished and I’m half way through 2005 so that means after tonight I should jump all the way to the middle of 2005. That’s a good thing cause 2006 has lots of pictures as we took a trip to Disneyland in California in 2006 and I took 900 photos of that trip alone. YIKES!

Here are a couple of the digital layouts I did today at work cause I was bored.

If I can get some of this recent trips photos organized I’ll create a little slide show and I’ll post it here so you can have an idea on what we did on vacation.

For now, happy scrapping everyone and enjoy the weekend.


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