Tuesday, July 8, 2008

where oh where to have an event?

I know this is a topic that stumps many a scrapping/card making business chick. It is one thing to have a Tupperware party in someone's living room...it is entirely another to find a space for the same number of people to spread out and be crafty!! This is especially true when planning a Scrapping 4 Inclusion event - so with the help of my fellow I Remember When girls I've created this list that will hopefully help you get up and running for S4I...and for your own business!

churches and public libraries - note that some don't let you sell product on site...in which case you'd have to use them for classes only

Elks Lodge/Lions Club, VFW, Shriners - which is also a good way to get new customers...tap in to the wives of the members!!!!

Park/Recreation Centers

Check out the "senior living" complexes in your area. Many have "community" rooms and offer different kinds of classes to their residents - you may be able to rent the room for your own events or even teach a class or two!

Many housing developments have a clubhouse available to rent - if you don't live in the development find out if you have a customer/friend in the area who would be willing to sponsor you.

Schools! Find a teacher that is a scrapper and ask her to have a workshop in her room after school. The lunch room and library are also good locations in a school due to all the tables available.

County Extention Office - They are always looking for crafts to do with their homemakers.

Local small businesses - gift shops, florists, pottery painting shops, etc. These may have the space you need and be willing to sponsor an event in exchange for the publicity it will generate.

Ambulance base or fire hall or other town/community buildings.

Auto Dealerships - yes girls you read right! Some dealerships have large meeting rooms that they also dub as community rooms. Check with the GM or Sales Managers at your local dealerships.

Day cares - you may want/need to offer to split the crop fee with them; especially if your child attends, but it is a great way to get the other parents involved and for them to support the day care.

Misc club houses - golf clubs, gun clubs, etc...these types of outdoor groups don't typically use the club houses in the evenings, especially in the winter months. And if you or your spouse is a member, you may even get a better deal!

Find a local restaurant that has a banquet hall/room. Many will only charge for the meal - and you don't have to worry about buying, prepping, preparing or clean up of the food/meals!

I'd love to hear more suggestions - feel free to post and share if you've found a fabulous spot to hold your events!

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