Thursday, June 12, 2008

an example of community

I know, I know........ I am posting out of order again but I am not sure I will have time for a Saturday post. Read on to find out why and I am sure I will be forgiven :-)

On Saturday I will be helping my friends with a hot dog feed and auction to help raise money needed for them to take their 11yo son to from Oregon to Michigan for specialized therapy that has shown dramatic results in children with cerebral palsy. Nick was born 2 months early (only 3 weeks earlier than my twins were born) and among other issues related to prematurity he has Spastic Quadrilateral Cerebral Palsy. His family is awesome in their interactions with him and the community, their faith that God indeed has a plan for their son, and their constant fight to be sure he has every opportunity to be all that he can be. They leave me in awe and also very thankful for how healthy my twins are. Yes we have one that deals with autism but he did learn to speak ( so well and so much in fact`that we often laugh about the days we thought he would never talk) and his daily struggles seem so minor in comparison with what Nick deals with every day.

There was a wonderful article in out local paper but for some reason when I try to post a link to the article it will not work. If you would like to read more about Nick and his family as well as their journey just google "Nicholas Seggerman: and "Taking A Leap Of Faith"


Laurie said...

No need to be forgiven for sharing a story like that. I'm very glad to have the opportunity to work with someone as giving as you are. Always love to hear how communities are out there helping each other. It gives me faith in humanity.

Hope you have a great day on Saturday and that you raise enough money to help this family obtain the therapy for their son.

Simon_45 said...

Great to see a family doing something positive. We do the 'Snowdrop'(, programme with our little one, (He has CP). -That has shown tremendous results in such a short time. He had no language previously, - now he is babbling; - he had no hand function at all and now he can play with his fingers and even put his own soother in his mouth.


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