Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Ripple Effect

Happy Sunday night everyone. I was going to blog on Friday but I was as bit frustrated and was worried I might say something that I shouldn't so instead I waited until tonight. I am hoping it helped but I'm still frustrated I must say.

I have been spending tons of time trying to work on social networking. Building up my list of friend and inviting people to my group. I spent most of my time working on the Care2 network so far. I got frustrated cause I'd see petitions and groups etc growing to help animals in all respects and one of the common things said is that 'they can't speak for themselves'. Now don't get me wrong I love animals. I have 2 puppies and I completely 100% support these programs to assist animals. What frustrates me is that children, especially those with disabilities, also can't speak for themselves (for the most part). Many children can speak of course but what I mean is that some of them don't realize they aren't being included, they don't understand the value of inclusion but WE DO! so why is it so challenging to find people who will help me speak on behalf of the children. OK, rant is now over.

This is a photo of the ripple effect. This is what I'm trying to create. One small action (talking to someone else about inclusion and Scrapping 4 Inclusion) and how that can grow bigger and bigger. I'm trying to find others who will help me do this and it's been, I'd say, more challenging then anything else so far.

I have a fantastic group of volunteers who are organizing their local events and I want to do everything possible to help them. I can't be there physically to help but if I can create a big enough ripple then eventually people will start contacting them directly. This is my goal.

In decided to google the words 'ripple effect' and I found this great blog that explains perfectly what I'm trying to do and how most people naturally think about the 'business' or 'whats in it for me' part first. This guy wrote a book and does public speaking to show others how much more effective they will be if they start with the 'personal' part first, the relationship aspect, the real person first, then the rest just seems to fall into place. Check out this blog posting to see what I'm talking about. RIPPLE EFFECT BLOG I have joined his Yahoo group so hopefully I'll have more insightful things to share about helping to create the ripple effect in the future.

I give you a challenge. Talk to someone you don't know about Scrapping 4 Inclusion and what we are doing and ask them to share with a friend or someone they know. Maybe it's a simple as asking them if they are on Facebook and if so, get them to join our group. You just never know how much that next person you talk to might change your life. I have found many many people are shaping the direction of my life these days and I've only personally met a few.

OK I am moving on to throw my stone in the water and create that RIPPLE that I'm looking for. I'll keep throwing stones in the water until I get it working. I don't give up easily and that's a good thing. I might try a little more with Facebook this coming week just to give myself something different to work with.

Hope everyone has an awesome week ahead.



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