Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday share :-)

I was tickled that Saturday was my assigned day to post and share because Friday night is on the calendar as mom's scrap night but I have to admit to not creating anything new last night. My autistic son was in the mood to read to me. First he read his all time favorite story...... "The Boy Who Grew Flowers" It is one I found for him through my friend Gail who sells Barefoot Books. These are THE most wonderful books.................. the artworks is bright and colorful and the books are very high quality. Anyway this particular story is one I purchased for him for Christmas last year. Without giving too much away it is about a boy who spouts flowers..... out of his head! He is quite embarrassed about this fact until one day a new girl comes to school who is also different from the others. They connect in a special way and he finds out the thing that makes him different from everyone else is what makes him special to her. It is a totally awesome story and Jeremy loves it. He has brought it to school to share with his classmates and our school counselor loved it so much she ordered herself a copy to use in her talks at the beginning of each school year. These talks are about how everyone is different and that is what makes them special.

Anyway, I had to put my scrap night on the back burner to enjoy this time with my son. But I do have to admit while he was cuddled in my lap and reading this favorite story and several others my mind was wandering a little and I was creating some projects in my head. One of them I hope to get down on paper today is about that book with a photo of the cover and journaling about what the story means to Jeremy and how he is so special to us.
So my layout share for today is not a new one but one done a long time ago. This is my twins at 2 weeks old and still 3 weeks before their due date. (That is a real rose in the enlarged photo to help show how tiny they were.) This photo shoot was before the word autism became a part of our daily lives. Both of the boys have grown and learned so much since then. And I as a mom have learned that they are each special and unique and exactly the person God created them to be.
My challenge to you today is to create a layout about someone in your family and what makes them the special and unique person they are.

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