Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the secret of my popularity

My friends...what I am about to share with you is the secret to becoming the most popular neighbor, wife, friend, hostess and party-goer in town. You might be saying to yourself:

"self - what is it about Beth that makes her the most popular girl around?"

Is it her winning smile and sparkling personality?

Is it her gentile demeanor and quiet lilting voice?

Is it her stylish wardrobe and witty conversation?

Have any of you guys met me??? :D

No my friends...the secret to my popularity, the reason I am at the top of everyone's invite list is...

are you ready for it...

get out a pad and paper...


which from now on I will call Beth's "desperate for a blog topic" Dip ;)

I am not joking when I say that I TRULY do believe that this dip is the reason I get invited to parties (winning smile and stylish wardrobe not withstanding). In fact - at the first Wives' Club meeting I went to here I was hoping to meet some friends, get reacquainted with the area, etc. After the meeting someone usually sends out an email to everyone with a recap - a little something about each new person, what we did at the meeting, etc. Following is an excerpt from said email:

"Several people have asked that the lady with the spicy chicken dip share the recipe. If you brought that dip would you be willing to email the recipe to everyone?"

Good stuff.

So - because you guys don't refer to me as "the lady with the spicy chicken dip" - I'm going to share my secret. Be forewarned though - if we are ever at the same party and you show up with this dip I may poke you in the eye with a fondue fork or shrimp skewer or whatever is handy. Some people have great laughs or nice cars or beautiful clothes - I have dip. :) This is the GREATEST FOOD PRODUCT EVER...I got the recipe from my MIL and at any given event I will eat so much of it that...well...as my mother would say - we don't discuss such things in polite company. TMI!!! TMI!!! :D


3-4 c. cooked shredded chicken
16oz cream cheese
12oz Frank's original hot sauce (fair warning - this dip is S-P-I-C-Y!!!)
1 c. ranch or blue cheese dressing
1 c. shredded cheddar cheese

Combine all ingredients except cheddar cheese in a saucepan. Heat until bubbly. Put in casserole, sprinkle with cheese and cover with foil. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. Serve with crackers or tortilla chips - or shovel it in your mouth with your hands because it is so darn good that you can't believe you made it!



Now - because I am a woman of my word and I said I was going to share my S4I event planning with you I'd like to give you my first little tidbit of advice:

S4I tip #1 - before you go running off at the mouth to everyone about how you are going to blog about planning an event in your area, be sure you REGISTER on the S4I site so you don't get BUSTED by Laurie when she blogs about new people who are signing up to do events and puts your name in big ol' print for everyone to see!! Now...I don't know anyone like that (except me) - but if I did I'd tell her (me) that she was a giant goob. ;)

Seriously though - I've got some great leads for places to have my event:

I found a hotel in town that just re-did their ballroom and business has been SUPER slow for them - and they are working with me on a low rate because they want the opportunity to have other local folks come to the hotel and see the changes!

You might have the same luck if there is a new restaurant in your area or one that has a party room - if they aren't well known in the community I bet they would welcome the chance to get some good word-of-mouth advertising! And the great thing with restaurants is the meals are right there!

I also talked to a guy with the local VFW - they have a GREAT space and the room rental rate is pretty good - you could also talk to the Elks or the American Legion, or there may be a union hall in your area that has meeting space available.

I'd love to hear tips and tricks any of you have for finding a location...I hope to have a decision and a date by the end of the month! WOO HOO!

Have a great week everybody! Beth


Laurie said...

OMG Beth you are sooo funny. I would never call you a Goob! I can't wait for the day that we get to meet in person.

That dip recipe sounds good. Too bad I'm not a spicy kinda girl. Maybe I could make it with less hot sauce. Hmmm..... thinks to self..... they will never know that it wasn't supposed to be like that. Might have to give it a shot at the next gathering.

I'm loving this collaborative blog. Everyone has so many great things to say/share no matter what topic they are about.

ddinak said...

IS THAT WHAT YOU GAVE US FOR CHRISTMAS????? (I actually think it was Christmas 06!)Yum, Yum, Yum my mouth is watering and now I have a Friend Attracting Fiery Yummy to share at the Brew Club Campout! Not that Ed's Home Brew isn't friend attracting enough!

I can't wait to make it! And I really can't wait to EAT it!

Miss you!

kristie said...

You are hilarious Beth!!!! I absolutely love to read your blog entries :-) Some other places to check for S4I crops would be community centers, schools, recreation centers, large company conf rooms (This is where my Scrapping for Soldiers crops are held - in my company's 150 person conf room - - holds 50 scrappers plus vendors). Good luck! Can't wait for next week!!!

amie663 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
amie663 said...

It's not the sauce...I believe your ability to get invited to events is due to your uncanny ability to lose count of the number of rounds you've purchased. :)


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