Thursday, June 12, 2008

new perspective

Well, This lay out is kind of plain, but there is a reason. But what it evolved into is really the point of today's post!
This simple layout is from a simply scrapping kit. Which I adore. Those kits are wonderful. You get materials to make at a minimum of 4 2-page layouts!!! I went easy on the supplies, because I plan to use this kit at my next Scrap Club, in which there are 10 ladies. I love the colors. My 7 year old came out into my scrap room and saw the pages and got very excited. He wanted to choose the pictures and placement. Since this was a layout I was doing for "work" I hesitated, but gave in. He picked great pictures from two recent events. Then he wanted to do the journaling. That I haven't placed on the pages yet. He took a full 8.5 X 11 and wrote so much. I have cut strips of white to let him re-write the highlights on. The thought bubbles on the photos were his idea as well. So, I think how neat each scrap book would be with a layout that has been taken over by it's subject. He had comments to add that I would have never thought or even known to mention. And how precious to have it in his handwriting? This was a special day, and a special layout, I challenge everyone to make a mom and me page! It will give you new perspective. I have often found that kids are so much more creative, naturally. They aren't as constrained by the "rules" we have about colors, shapes, etc. They just do what feels right, and nine times out of ten, they are! So, instead of cringing the next time Jonathan wants to help me, I will try to remember how special this was. Here is our almost finished pages.

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Shirley said...

How great that your son got involved in the journaling...that is precious!!


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